James the Astronaut

James the Astronaut
Not sure if I can go through with this...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Miss My New Life!

It is way beyond time to update everyone on the progress of the sites. Here are a few highlights of what Girl Named James has been up to lately:

1. Started a new website, but was unimpressed with the quality of my hosting provider. So it will be at least some time next week before the new and much-improved girlnamedjames.com is back up and running. As soon as it is, I will send out invitations to our big online party. The most exciting element of this change is that all Girl Named James sites will be incorporated into this one domain.

2. Designed a new logo, which will also serve as my avatar. After giving it some serious consideration, I decided my mission will be more universal if I represent myself more as the ever-transitioning Everywoman that I am, rather than seeming to appeal to people of a certain "look." Please let me know what you think of the new logo.

3. Began compiling material for a new book. Ssh! This is a super-secret project that I will be hinting about occasionally. Taking a huge chunk of time, but I am really loving it.

4. Research, research, research! I have been researching everything from SEO to gluten-free recipes. I will be adding some very juicy links from my recent travels during the next few days.

5. Tear-down, rebuild, more tear-down, slightly more rebuild, lather, rinse, repeat... I'm learning as I go, and you have the opportunity to watch as all these germinating little seeds of thought burst into new light and become tangible expression.

Thanks for sharing with me!

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